Notes for Math 5910 and Math 5920

Math 5910 at BGSU is called Curriculum Analysis and Classroom Behaviors. It could also be called, "How to teach math".

Teaching college mathematics contains my best recommendations for how to teach college mathematics for the first time.
Teaching discusses the students you will teach, how to prepare for the first day of class, and how to get through the first few weeks. This is dated to 2010 but may have some content that the 2018 version does not have.
Teaching specific topics gives some ideas for teaching specific mathematical topics. It is not nearly as long as it should be.
Teaching part 2 discusses additional topics, and is not organized chronologically.
Employment discusses matters related to finding employment in mathematics and/or statistics

Math 5920 at BGSU is called Technology for the Mathematics Graduate Assistant. The idea is to use technology to improve your teaching of mathematics.

Technology is a wiki page with class notes from Math 5920. There is discussion of technology, and also about getting jobs in mathematics.
Computer resources is a web page with many helpful tutorials and links.
Assignments for Spring 2012.