Calculus III

Course notes for Fall 2003
2003 final exam and old exams from 2001, 2000, and 1999
Maple worksheets illustrating things in class and on the homework for Fall 2003

A collection of Maple worksheets

Maple is a computer package that lets you graph functions of one or two variables, do symbolic algebra and calculus, and many other things. Some useful links: The worksheets below are intended to get you started working with Maple.  They come in two versions; one is a web page, the other is a Maple worksheet which you can download and work with using Maple.  Downloading a worksheet is pretty easy with a PC; you just click on the link to the worksheet and your browser should download the file and launch Maple.  On a Macintosh you can press Control at the same time as you click, then Save this Link as, then tell the browser to save it to the desktop.  Then launch Maple yourself, by clicking on the Apple at the upper left of the screen, then Applications, then Maple.  From Maple, use File, Open, and get to, say, the desktop to open the worksheet.  As soon as you save it, the Macintosh with recognize the file as a Maple worksheet.  From then on, double clicking on the file icon will launch Maple.

Note that the Maple output has been removed from the worksheets.  This way you can see how Maple operates.  Click in the first red command in the worksheet and hit enter to tell Maple to process it.  On the other hand, the output has been left in in the web pages.

Maple basics

Calculus II with Maple

Multivariate Calculus