Academic honesty at BGSU

This wiki is designed to help students and faculty understand the issue of academic honesty and their responsibilities to maintain it. Included on this site are resources for faculty to help students avoid academic dishonesty, resources for students to understand more clearly what are and what are not acceptable practices, as well as resources for faculty who need to document a violation of the academic honesty rules at BGSU (plus recommendations for students whose work is suspected of violating the policy). The resources here supplement, but do not replace or supersede the official policies and procedures established at BGSU.

Note: as online resources evolve, some links here may become out of date, so feel free to notify a wiki editor if you encounter a dead link. This wiki was developed in 2012, so many things may be out of date by now.

What is academic honesty and why is it so important to university faculty?

Click here for an explanation of what academic honesty is, why it is important to our faculty, and what long-term problems academic dishonesty can cause
Click here for examples of what is OK and what is not OK
Click here for videos about academic honesty
Click here for examples of differences between the understanding of academic honesty in the US and in other countries

BGSU academic honesty policies and procedures

Click here for the section of the academic charter related to academic honesty)
Click here for a PDF file containing the academic honesty policy as of September, 2012
Click here for a description of the Academic Honesty Committee, which is the committee that grants and hears appeals.

Resources for faculty to educate students about academic honesty and to give assignments that prevent violations of the academic honesty policies

Click here for resources from the BGSU library, academic departments, a video made at BGSU, and other links
Click here for ways to educate students about academic honesty (aside from the links above)
Click here for ways to construct assignments so they minimize the opportunities for academic dishonesty
Click here for information about TurnItIn, the plagiarism detector on Canvas

Checklist for faculty who discover a violation of the academic honesty policy

Click here for a checklist for faculty. There is also a flowchart used by college offices once a report is received

Resources for students who are accused of violating the academic honesty policy

We would like for students to write a guide for students.