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John T. Gresser, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0221 USA
Office: 427 MSC
Phone: (419) 372-2048
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Technology Based Mathematics

At the dawn of this new millenium, mathematics is undergoing a technological change which will have a profound effect on the way mathematics is studied, understood, and used in the future. My interest in this exciting new direction in mathematics has inspired me to write a series of technology based calculus books.

A Maple Approach to Calculus, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall Publishing Company, 2002 Preface and Table of Contents

A Mathematica Approach to Calculus, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall Publishing Company, 2002 Preface and Table of Contents

Calculus with a TI Graphics Calculator, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall Publishing Company, 2002 Preface and Table of Contents

These books, which are meant to supplement any main calculus text, are available at a special price to anyone using a calculus text published by Prentice Hall Publishing Company. Motivated by a desire to keep the price of these books as low as possible, important material (and chapters) had to be excluded from the Maple and Mathematica manuals, and to conpensate for these omissions, it is my intention to make this material available on this web site. Click on the topics or chapters shown below to see this work. Unfortunately, only some of this work in currently available. Further work is postpone until new editions of my Maple and Mathematica manuals are anticipated.

My Technology Based Courses

For a quick tour through some basic Maple calculations, click on Quick Maple Tour

The Maple files that I have placed in my class folders on the campus network can also be accessed on the web by clicking on the appropriate course below.

If you have access, it is better to get these files through the campus network, where the files are actual Maple files which can be viewed interactively.

Solutions to Lab Assignments.

After Maple computer lab assignments have been graded and returned to my students, I will place a copy of my solutions to all of the problems on the current assignment at this location.

A Note About Security:

Solution sets are in pdf format. They have been given a security level which prevents them from being opened without a password, and which makes them difficult to print. Solution sets will appear at this location only for a brief period of time (a week?), and then they will be removed. Please try to view my solution set soon after your work is graded and returned to you.

Copyrighted Work:

It is against copyright law to use these work sheets as your own work or to allow others to use them as their own work. Please help maintain the high standards of this university for yourself and future generations by not sharing this work with students outside of the mathematics class of which you are currently a member.

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